Jumaat, 19 Ogos 2011

Friendship and relationship - to know me better

Having a friend is sometimes gave you a headache. Sometimes it does bother you. Why I said so? Because we are not a robot. We are human being. We have feelings and we are sensitive and stress and weak with the idea of friendship. You can`t forgive them when they make mistakes but you have to because they are your friends. They are not like your arch nemesis! There is a saying “A friendship won`t be perfect if there is no conflict and fighting among them”. Looks like it is ridiculous but it`s true. Some people don`t know how to express themselves through words and talks but they express it through their behavior.  But not anyone can take it through that way.  Instead of protecting us, they laugh at us and snorted and mocking us. It is not the way I should accept because they insult me. I have to admit. Friendship is awesome but it is not always sweet. What had happened to me that night make me realize who is my true friends.
I might not too open about my personal. I might be a little secretive about my life. I might have fallen to deep silent when we are having some chit chatting.  It is because I never experience what they are talking about. I have never been talkative.
I’m  in a process to be a quality person. I was lonely back then. Before I have a true friend.
I am really appreciated my friends. I have never been so selfish. I have never been so opened. And I have never been so hypocrite. I hate being like that and that is why I remain silent.
If you are reading this, I don`t care whether you want to take it seriously because I never ever abandon my friends. Those who knew me back then know how to handle me.
I stay away from you because I know you can`t stand without people around you. And I stay away because I have no problem to be alone. But the reason I`m writing this cause I don`t want to be alone anymore. I`m not a type of person who would tell stories about my life to others.  But I am tired too. I`m tired of the idea of being cheerful and energetic person.

p/s  : I have so many weakness because I always alone to faced it. I wished I have people to stand up for me.

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